BNGA draws its inspiration from a lifestyle of urban dance culture, translating it into fashion & style.  Tiptoeing the line between art and sports ideology, our goal is to empower the consumer to challenge the status quo, persevere from adversity, and strive for greatness.  All of which are propelled by our designs that subtly express everything without saying anything.  The consumer is left to only feel and believe while searching for their own identity.  #BNGA #AwayTeam



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Founder/Creative Director: Lyle Beniga (@lylebeniga)

Manager: Theresa Beniga (

Designer: PROVE (@bruceleewuzhere)

Designer: Ruel Ochoso (@ruel_ochosa)

Assistant: Maryann Reyes (@mreyes77)

Brand Ambassador: Bina Emerson (@binabently)

Brand Ambassador/Social Media: Law Dominguez (@lawrentz)

Photography: Gari Askew (@glaskewii)